Ecoportaal – Branding & Social Media Project

Ecoportaal is one of the biggest brands in the market that has been giving quality services for roof cleaning for many years. They hired us for building up branding for the site. The problem for the makers was to workout with the condition of the existing website and improves it so that it would be more visible to the clients. In order to increase the leads, a lot of consistency was required for the site.

Branding is one of the major services provided by us and for them, we brought out magic from things. With the help of the branding services offered by us, an insane comeback was noticed by the EcoPortaal site. Also, their profit increased in a significant manner.

Some of the major tasks performed for the purpose of branding were:

  • Research

A deep research was done in order to find out the target audience and what’s going on in their brains. To inform the strategy of the brand, the dynamics of the market were studied.

  • Brand strategy

Proper strategies were applied for giving a good position to the website in the market.

  • Visual identity

We also designed iconic logos through which the website can express what it is actually for.

  • Naming

Our other major task involved giving a specific and accurate naming which plays a major role in the success of a brand.

Along with branding, we also did social media marketing for EcoPortaal. We helped them develop a social strategy that would end up meeting all the goals. We helped them from scratch to build the presence over the social media so that the targeted audience reached them easily.

This way the leads increased for the website and so does the sales.

Created by admin | 24 02 2016 | Branding, Social Media