Hauora Project for Local Business (UK)

Hauora is a one shop jewelry collection where you get best ever collection for men as well as women. They have amazing accessories according to the market trend. You will get the best quality material which is long lasting.

The company is having a good image online. We did LOCAL SEO, branding and social media marketing for the site. We are an expert in the local business branding service and hence offered them with work which created positive leads in the market.

We are not just involved in providing branding which is one of the best services we can offer, we guide in deciding whether branding and other marketing related services are appropriate for the business or not. That’s what we did for Hauora and they actually needed branding for their site. Our experienced teammates delivered a brand design which is of very high quality. Our goal is always to do branding which is phenomenally impressive and is memorable whether we make it from scratch or take it from some midway.

We helped them to analyze the market and get to know who the targeted customers are. This way they were able to identify the needs of the customer and customized the website accordingly.

Search engine optimization services offered were to make sure that the traffic was consistently increased on the site and even today our focus is on the same. The talented professionals in our team are always offering tactical methodology so as to bring the business to the top of the world. The social media marketing services provided by us were from the scratch where we applied techniques to provide an online presence to the site. The social media strategies developed by us are in such a way that ultimately the end goals of the website are met properly.

Created by admin | 02 04 2018 | Local Business