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Le HD Projecteur

The HD projector is responsible for providing you the best quality and revolutionary projectors. The quality of the projectors provided by the team is best in quality and has a long lasting life. The presentations come in HD quality and all types of files are supported by the products.

We did SEO and social media marketing for the company website. Our team is an expert in Search engine optimization and hence we did full SEO for this website. Our major steps included for SEO are as follows:

  • A complete analysis of the site

The first major step for SEO is to do the proper analysis so as to identify where to start from and how to proceed.

  • Improve the site conversion

So as to drive more traffic, proven techniques and technologies are applied so that the conversion rate can be revamped easily and the visitors can soon turn into permanent customers.

  • Consultation with SEO experts

The SEO experts from our team are specialized in giving best consultation for SEO and they gave best for this website as well.

  • Amplification of the awareness of the brand

The brand awareness of the website was elevated by the experts.

  • Website rank improvement

We did optimization for the site so that the rank of the website could significantly increase and it actually happened at the end.

Along with this, we also did Social Media marketing for the site. We made the online presence from the scratch over the social media platforms. The social media strategy designed by us helped them settle up their goals on various social media platforms. The right style was presented and hence they got good marketing leads and have a good-will today.

Created by admin | 24 02 2016 | SEO, Social Media