The way Google Speedy Updates are affecting your SEO rankings on mobile searches

As you all know that it is an industrial era where everyone is busy in earning more and more reviews and feedbacks by the way of building up their own websites, it has now become too hard to maintain the rankings of your website on the Google search engines. Earlier, there was not much much scope of the websites but the time has now changed and you need to focus a lot on creating your reputation on your own. Building up of a website is not just enough as you need to maintain its ranking as well. The Google is one of the best, biggest, and most popular search engines which can either bring your website on the top or on the least too.

What you actually have to do in order to bring your portal on the top? If you really want to bring your website up then you just simply need to keep a regular update on the speedy updates of Google. Knowing such updates will surely help you to enhance the speed of your pages which is the key factor affecting your mobile searches.  The load on such pages may decline their speed but must have to maintain the same at any cost so as to gain the much higher returns on your investments. The speed of your website pages is now a basic factor which is broadly used as one of the biggest ranking signals. Previously, the searching algorithm was quite different and now, it has changed a lot.

People are now moving towards digitalization and thus, they are now using their mobile phones to visit different websites portals. The searches on mobiles have not become more relevant as compared to the other sources. The searches over the mobiles are now continuously going on increasing and mobile user experience is also considered as the best and more relevant and thus, you need to enhance the usability of your websites as well.

What important things do you need to know about the regular Google Speedy Updates?

As you know that Google is the biggest search engine, the searching ingredients algorithms are regularly changing which will surely affect your mobile pages and your users may have to face the slower loading speeds. Suggest updates won’t affect your mobile pages so much and you will surely have to face some minor changes but such minor changes can also turn into the biggest affecting factors to drop your website down. If your Web pages possess the unique and relevant content only then you can thrive.

What consequences may you have to face?

The slower loading of your mobile pages may affect your reputation to toast great extent as such low loading mobile pages may also get penalized by the Google and you will get restricted to access or update your own website pages. You just to have to take some minor implementing steps or measures to improve the overall speed of all your Web pages.

How to improve the loading speed of your website pages?

Numerous different ways are there by which you can easily improve the loading speed of your website pages but you need to follow the proven and effective steps only and such important or beneficial steps are as follows-

Start considering the Accelerated Mobile Pages – First of all, you need to know about the Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages? What are these pages? These are the pages linked to the Google which allows its users to create different web pages with a much faster speed so as to gain a better ranking. You will surely get a better mobile user experience by creating such AMPA versions on the AMP’s different platforms.

Optimizing different types of images for your mobile access- Numerous times, you may have to access the files with much larger sizes and it may undoubtedly affect the other elements of your web portal. Don’t you want to improve such a situation? Yes? If so, then you need to keep a regular track of your website’s performances while accessing them from the mobile phones. If you are confused then you can take help from some free online tools such as Optimizilla and TinyPNG. What are these tools actually? Such tools are totally free & safe and can help you compress the size of your files without any quality issues. You can also opt for the GIF or PNG images.

Adding the unique and relevant content- Different people may search a particular thing with different keywords over the internet, right? For the same, you need to add all such related keywords in your content without any kind of unnecessary stuffing. How to find such relevant keywords now? You can use the free online keyword finder tools and must focus on writing 100% unique content containing all required keywords which can be searched by the target audience.

Giving a higher priority to your website content is one of the most important steps to bring your web portal on the top of the list of Google Search Engines. It will surely help you developing a perfect mobile marketing strategy so as to gain a good market reputation as well. Content is basically considered as the king of a particular website and thus, you need to do a thorough keyword research with the help of free online keyword finder tools.

Start keeping a regular track of your website’s usability- A number of different ways are there by which you can track or check the usability of your web pages but you need to opt for the best and proven ways so as to help yourself to grow more and more in the market. If you really want to increase the loading speed of your web pages then focusing on the overall performances of such pages is also necessary. Don’t get panic; several tools are also available online for free which can help you get a detailed report of your website’s overall performance on a regular basis.


Overall, you just need to focus on some of the above-mentioned steps or important points to bring your website up in the list of different search engine crawlers. It will surely help you fetching more and more business along with the improved market reputation.

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